Troll Moves

Troll Moves

... is based originally on the music recorded on  x5. There you find the expression of what is gonna happen on stage in the language of music.

In the Performance there will be a development of these ideas by means of visual and dance narrative interacting with the musician(s).

If you need a story, imagine a Troll living in a world called Intermedian.

Also there are some other creatures  existing in the twilight of our phantasy...

What do you think about or dream of in those hours between light and dark? Is it you or maybe something else?

Drop to the zone and feel the power of your imagination.


Alf Schmieder

Sabine Jordan


Sabine Jordan by Bianca Svoboda

Alf Schmieder by Olaf Paulisch

Jens Büttner by Jens Büttner